Etruscan jewelry reproductions
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Ours is one small artisan enterprise of which my brother and i,am founders.
Our activity develop in Tuscania near Viterbo,ninety km from rome,
a suggestive medievale village already seat of
uman installations in the age of bronze.
setted in the enchanting countryside of the
"Maremma Laziale",

The city is reach of
historical evidence of all the ages,among other things,the churches of S Pietro and S Maria maggiore,thwo of churches more ancient of world.

Important installation in etruscan age as show the finding of the numerouses necropolos along the course of Marta river and his tributary"Maschiolo",of street hollows in the volcanic stone and labyrints of mysteriuses
underground passages,at today still not all
Our passion for etruscan art,whose always stimulated from the surreal context what wrap as,so twenty ears ago, we are begin to reproduce the jewels
what the etruscan womens wore.