Etruscan jewelry reproductions
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The production of Monili and objects in gold, in which the etruschi they demonstrated an elevated degree of able technical elaboration to take advantage of the expressive possibilities of the metal, was richest and deservedly famous.

The period of maximum closing was between the half of the WAYS and the end of YOU century to C., to Vetulonia and Vulci.

Also in jewelry the taste for the emphatic overload and effects prevailed together us with often arranged workings.

Such techniques comprised the recording, the jolt, the fusion, the filigree and, above all, the granulation, consisting in applying on the small surface of the gold metal granelli knit to you between they, multiplying therefore the effect of the incidence of the light

our reproductions are realized in an alloy
made up of pond, and subsequently plated in gold.
it is begun with the champion in wax, that it comes carved manually, then, from it gains the stamp in
rubber, with which necessary pieces are printed, then
all the articulations and the hooks are welded,
then they are polished with a buratto said special machine, and they are sent to the galvanic bath, that it will deposit a gold layer on the external surface of the object, will come then it paints to you with a protecting
transparent varnish, that it will concur with the gilding
to last many years, and will eliminate the problem of the allergies.

video: welding and assembly

Video: so are bound and subjected to copper plating bath and gold